Why Solomon Answers are more useful than flipping a coin, or empirical analysis:

Solomon’s Scribes have embedded much valued and fascinating information available on the pages of this website. We acknowledge that human beings often over think the problems they are trying to solve. For example, we find ourselves unable to finish a cross word puzzle and then after a good night’s sleep we successfully finish the solution with ease.

Do you ever get an intuition that there was a better answer out there somewhere, if you could just grab hold of it? There are many other examples of our brains’ “seizing up” until after the problem has been set aside. Words of Wisdom provide the break your stressed mind needs, empowers your own creative problem solving abilities and gives birth to usable solutions.

Freud suggested flipping a coin to get rid of our indecisiveness.  He explained: “I did not say you should follow blindly what the coin tells you. What I want you to do is to note what the coin indicates. Then look into your own reactions. Ask yourself: Am I pleased? Am I disappointed? That will help you to recognize how you really feel about the matter, deep down inside. With that as a basis, you’ll then be more ready to make up your mind and come to a more gratifying decision.” Well that might be helpful.  Thank you Dr. Freud. However Solomon’s Words of Wisdom are far more enlightening!

But, at best, a coin flip will result in one of two random choices.  What if we told you there is a way to consult your inner genius, and come up with decisions that consistently are more accurate than random choice?  Not only that, but your inner “adviser” will produce results that are more accurate than the rational analysis of available facts! Non linear thinking is a huge asset that is often ignored by linear thinkers to their own detriment.

For instance, a scientific study which was done by Columbia University School of Business supports the claim that those who use an alternative cognitive technique can predict the outcome of the stock market 25% more accurately than using fact analysis.

What?  There is a way to decide that out performs empirical, rational thought?  You’ve got to be kidding!

We know this is a bold claim.  That is why one of the pages on the Solomon web site is intended for science geeks (like us) so they can review the scientific evidence. You really need this skill!

Another page explains how the Solomon Answers technique functions. See Solomon’s Triad.

Solomon Answers questions about almost anything, from romantic advice to business decisions, to ideas for an invention, to theological questions. Every answer you contemplate helps to train your brain to think both linear and non-linear.

You will receive a Word of Wisdom answer to your question.  When you have contemplated these Words of Wisdom you will find they are frequently enlightening, wise, sometimes profound, and often have practical value and are even entertaining. These “answers” have been field tested and produce outcomes similar to the results revealed by the scientific studies we have cited.

These “inner” answers come, not from Solomon, but from the interior, creative depths of the person contemplating the Words of Wisdom.

Solomon provides a clever catalyst that stimulates your inner gifts.  Since the answers come from within you, they are customized to fit your personality better than any answers that come from others.

Now, let us remind you again that we recommend you read the other pages on this web site before you ask your question.

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