The Legend of the Zadok Priesthood

and the Scribes of Solomon as presented by the SOS MENTORS

The Zadok priesthood is free of association with any specific religion. One might say the Zadok Priesthood are priests without portfolio, or priests at large. They receive no formal, specific, doctrinal training from the Zadok priestly order, but are recruited into the order because of their reputation for knowledge and wisdom. Read on….

The Yin Yang of Human Thought

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Comments from the ageless Wisdom of the Scribes of Solomon

We first heard about the duality of human thought when philosophers characterized the work of Aristotle and Plato as “The Twin Pillars of Western Civilization.” The concepts of Aristotelian and Platonic thought supported all institutions and accomplishments of the human race, even before history began. Long before Aristotle and Plato began thinking and writing, these two thought paradigms began to lift primitive man out of chaos.

Here are some examples of how these LINEAR and NON-LINEAR intellectual systems have been labeled over the centuries:

  • Aristotle balancing Plato
  • Science balancing the Arts
  • Logic balancing Intuition
  • Logistics balancing Creativity
  • Male balancing Female
  • Rational balancing Emotional
  • Thinking balancing Feeling

In recent times the plethora of technological blessings provided by scientific thinking have encouraged modern humanity to emphasize the “linear” support for civilization, at the expense of “non-linear” balance, resulting in a dangerous cognitive tilt within our modern culture.

The purpose of this web site is to reestablish the co-equal influence of linear and non-linear consciousness, so that they are not falsely held against one another in antithesis.

By training your brain to be cognitively balanced, you can find creative solutions to life’s problems.

Through mentoring from Solomon’s Scribes, you will find ideas and methods to help bring your personal consciousness back into balance. This adventure of the mind will bring hours of fascination, and will have a significant influence on the quality of your life.

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